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Released 24th August 2017.  Available for pre-order now.

1. Sun Shines Through ft. Ashley Rose 2. Dark Water 3. Never

Warm basslines, soulful vocals & dark atmospheres lie at the core of this excellently crafted debut from Greencyde.

Title track "Sun Shines Through" is nothing short of beautiful. A slow burning wave of pads & one shots flow in and out of a fantastically crafted vocal from Ashley Rose as we ebb and flow before being taken away by a dub influenced rhythm to drive the track home.

"Dark Water" & "Never" meld ambient sounds with skippy garage drum rhythms to create two, real head bopping, emotional soundscapes. Brett dips in and out on vocals to add yet another layer of feeling to the tracks, really enforcing those Future Garage influences which are so apparent across the release.

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