Birmingham born now Bristol-based Sorrow is an artist of whom many UK garage music lovers may have heard. His debut musical adventure was revealed in 2011, when he announced the release of his first E.P on L2S Recordings and has since released his well-received debut album ‘Dreamstone’ with Monotreme Records to the eager public. Whatever the genre, Sorrow champions his versatility to adapt to the ever evolving electronic music scene, never refusing to elaborate on his already recognizable production style and breaking down the boundaries of genre pigeonholing.


Hailing from London, Vacant is an artist based around the ever growing UK underground scene. ‘Motherland’ is the title of his debut release, a 4 track EP released in early 2013. Recognised for his ‘Dark’ sound, Vacant has gained an increasing amount of support across the globe.


South London’s Bucky is one of the most productive, consistently excellent musicians in the underground electronic music scene. Through release after painstaking release (check out ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back‘, ‘Red Skies‘, ‘Embers‘ and ‘True Colours’), he has built a loyal following of diehard fans who have stuck with him for many years and will continue to do so long into the future. Combining classic UK garage beats with gorgeous vocals, soulful piano and beautiful ambient loops, Bucky’s sound evokes true, raw emotion.