Dark Heart & Neverspace Records presents Tracks in Time

What are the tracks that shaped your life? We ask Future Garage producers across the board to tell us the music that made them who they are today

Tracks in Time // Greencyde

Pink Floyd – On The Run

One of the first tracks I remember. My dad said to me “Put these headphones on, you can hear the train run through your head from one ear to the other.”  My earliest memory of bonding with my dad and the beginning of my obsession with music. This track still sounds like something else now, it must’ve been mindblowing back then.

Pet Shop Boys – Rent

Yeah yeah I know, it’s the Pet Shop Boys in my list.  I was 13 when this band hit the charts. I know years later the band became incredibly cheesy.  But back in ’86 this duo came on to the TV, the lead singer just stood there stationary in a black suit and white scarf, and the electronic whizz stood behind him dressed like a futuristic B-Boy.  Their tracks were dark, proper dark for electronic charts and the first group I became truly obsessed with until 93 and then they ruined it all, haha.

Roxanne Shante – Roxannes Revenge

Up until the moment I was introduced to this track I like many kids was only listening to anything fed to me by the top record labels, and lapping up anything from the charts.  A kid at school had an older sister that introduced me to the Electro albums, this track stood out high above the rest, I’d never heard anything like it.