Interview//30th November 2018

Hi Riversilvers, can you tell us a bit about yourself, who you are and where you are from?

Hi , First of all thanks a lot for this interview!
My real name is Emre Colak. I was born in Izmir / Turkey in 1991

How did you get into music? What are your earliest memories?

My first step into music was in 2008 making beats for underground rappers, and also co-producing  some of their albums.
I made a lot of instrumental albums, some of which you can find on underground Hip Hop sites.

In 2012 I discovered electronic music, and started making House and Trance.
My first official release was in the summer of 2014.
I found great support from artists worldwide.  I left the Trance scene in 2016

and in December 2017 I made the decision to start producing Chillout & Future Garage.
You already know the rest of the story 🙂

Can you describe your sound to us and what inspires you to make it?

My music genre is now ‘Riverstep’.  I always try to be original, unique.

Ideas for music can come to me from anywhere, whether writing the melody or trying something at the computer on a quiet day, walking down the road, listening to the rain, inspiration is always with me.

I use the instruments, the sounds I’ve designed.  The sounds I choose are usually deeply atmospheric, hopeful sounds.
I try to put my heart and soul into the music.

I listen to a lot of musical genres, try a lot of combinations for harmony, for example I’m big fan of Chopin.
That’s why I love piano!

Do you have any favourite tracks and artists?

My favourite artists are Crywolf, Moderat, Nirvana, and Flume.
My favourite tracks: I love Crywolf’s album ‘Cataclasm’ and Flume’s and Moderat’s tracks.

Which artists inspire you to make the music you make?

Eikona, Spaceouters, and Fading Language

What advice would you give to other music makers starting out?

Firstly, give something different, be unique.
Learn notation, harmony, composition, arrangement and mix techniques.

Are you currently working on anything? What have you got in the pipeline?

I have a few upcoming collaborations , and I plan to put out an album in the first quarter of 2019.

Any artists you think we should check out?

All of my favourite artists I’ve mentioned above!

Thanks for the interview mate!

Thank you too, mate. Stay tuned!