OLDUVAI (Seattle, USA)


Interview//16th October 2018

Hi Olduvai, thanks for the interview, can you tell us about yourself?

I live about an hour outside of Seattle in the US. I’ve been making music most of my life, with some gaps here or there

So, how did you get into music, and what are your earliest memories?

My father is a guitarist and I’ve been around music most of my life. Some of my earliest memories were falling asleep to the sound of him playing a 12 string. He bought me an acoustic guitar when I was 14 and I was hooked. Soon after I developed a fascination with electronic music. I started making electronic music in high school and continued through college. I got married, went back to school and took a break from music. I got back into serious production about a year and half ago

Can you describe your sound to us and what inspires you to make it?

I’ve always made pretty mellow, emotive music. As far as the specific sound, thats a bit tougher to pin down. I would say it tends to be pretty introspective, moody and hopeful. I suppose it would fall somewhere in the future garage, chillstep realm.

Have you any Favourite tracks, artists or bands?

Too many to name them all but the first that come to mind are Sublab and Azelah – You found me; Enzalla – Cobalt; 100 Day Delay – Raise your wings

Which artists inspire you when it comes to making your music?

There are so many. Currently my biggest inspirations are Sublab, Enzalla, 100 Day Delay and Andy Leech. Historically, my biggest musical influences have been Depeche Mode, The Cure, Massive Attack as well as a number of folk singer-songwriters

What advice would you give to other music makers starting out?

Don’t do it for the money. Honestly be prepared for a lot of disappointment. But if its your passion, you enjoy it and it brings you peace then give it everything you have.

Are there any artists you’d like to work with?

Tons. I’ve done a fair amount of collaborations recently. Archer and I have been working together which has been a blast. We really work well together.  Sublab,  Dakun and Victoriya would all be dream collabs for me

Are you currently working on anything?

At the moment I’m wrapping up a collaboration with Hallugenetic which should be coming out soon. I may do a few more collaborations in the meantime, but eventually would like to put another EP out. The idea of performing live is intriguing as well.

How did you get into making the music you make and what do you make
it on?

Lots of Youtube videos! Im using Logic and Maschine at the moment but have been looking into doing some analog recording as well.

Any artists you think we should check out?

As far as up and coming folks I would keep an eye on Hallugenetic, Bass Ronin, Lazarus Moment, Ponkie, Aurai and Outlier.

Thanks Olduvai!


Constellation is a joint The Games We Play/Dark Heart Recordings release.